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The Class of 1976 entered the United States Naval Academy with 1324 individual male human beings from fifty states, six foreign countries, and diverse backgrounds. Eight hundred thirty two graduated, but they were no longer individuals unknown and unreceptive to each other. Besides taking away a commission, a diploma, a new car, and a new duty station, we took with us a common interest, a unified feeling, mutual trust, and personal loyalty to our classmates. A class is not merely friends, but rather an organization that is filled with people, places, and things to be remembered all the days of our lives. It should not just be recalled, but distinctly remembered.


1. Lee Freund - 17 August 2014

I have 2 tickets in our “76” section for the 20 Sep game against Rutgers, along with a parking pass. Please email me at freundlw@verizon.net if you are interested. I’ll get the tickets and the parking pass in the mail to you, along with a pre-paid envelope to mail your check and the parking pass back to me in time for the 27 Sep game. Lee Freund

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3. Dennis Herrington - 26 November 2013

Anybody know where Dave Haines is?

4. Randy Maluchnik - 1 November 2013

Does everybody remember Ernie Leidiger?

Richard Nathanson - 4 November 2013

Sure do…now a state representative in the House in Minnesota. Just google his name.

5. Lee Freund - 9 October 2012

I’ve got 2 tickets for cost in our Class section (Sect 3, Row I, Seats 7 & 8) for the Florida Atlantic game on 3 Nov. I can also include a Parking Pass at no extra cost; I will just need it mailed back in time for 17 Nov game. Email me at freundlw@verizon.net if you are interested and give me your mailing address to send the tickets. If I haven’t got any takers by 20 Oct, I’ll bring them to the Indiana game to see who wants to buy them.
Semper Fi
Lee freund

6. Steven Barilich - 21 August 2012

Julie and I will be in NYC over the Labor Weekend, does anyone know if there is location where other USNA alums may be gathering to watch the Navy ND game?

7. Bruce R Franklin - 17 August 2012

Thanks for the heads up.

8. bruce franklin - 7 August 2012

Does anyone have a line on DC Curtis? L ast time I saw him was the change of command in San Diego. 7142645011 Go Navy

9. Mark Hubbard - 5 February 2012

Looking forward to a great Super Bowl!

10. Scott Moore - 28 November 2011

I have two tickets to Army-Navy. If interested email me at rscottmoore@hotmail.com. Scott Moore

11. David Williams - 20 November 2011

Does anyone remember the name of the 76 grad who received orders to NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico?


Keith Laser - 5 October 2013

Dean Price I believe was stationed there. He tragically lost his life in an aircraft accident. He was one of the most unique and special individuals that I have ever known.

Dave Williams - 5 October 2013

Thanks for your reply. One of the grads was of Mexican Heritage and was assigned to Puerto Rico. later he participated in a ambush of Naval personnel where two sailors were killed. The ensign had joined the Puerto Rican Freedon fighters. i was a CDR officer detailer at Bupers at the time. I remember the circumstances of his assignment to a shore station rather than the usual sea duty but I cannot remember the ensigns name. thanks Dave Williams

12. Lee Freund - 17 October 2011

I’ve got 2 tickets for the Troy game on 5 Nov, as well as a parking pass. If interested, email me at freundlw@verizon.net or call my home phone at 703-670-0772.
Beat Army!

Lee Freund - 23 October 2011

I sold the 2 tickets for the Troy game at the ECU game on Saturday.

13. Dennis DeGeus - 29 September 2011

Thanks to all who made the reunion possible! I especially appreciated the crab cakes and oysters at the tailgate!!

14. Chuck Gorum - 28 September 2011

Got four tix for AF game this weekend….

Call or email if interested.

Chuck Gorum 410 353 0514

15. Mom - 26 September 2011

Great new website. Look forward to reading more.
Milt Mays

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