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Shipmate: April/May 2018 2 March 2018

Posted by USNA Class of 1976 in Shipmate.

by Mark Hubbard,

Here I am writing another class column for Shipmate. Seeing the words “April-May” in the header has lightened my mood from the mood I associate with the Dark Ages of Plebe Year – those seemingly endless cold, depressing days from January through March. There is ray of hope on the horizon – I can see it now!

Gary Greenfield has exciting news of a business/personal nature:

◼︎On January 1st I became Chairman of Diebold Nixdorf, a nearly $5 billion public company. Many don’t recognize the name, but it is the largest manufacturer of ATMs in the world, among other businesses. Good chance you have used one of their ATMs – cash is still relevant for our generation! In December the CEO stepped down and as frequent at many companies, they had a leadership kickoff meeting for the new year. It was held this past week on February 20th. Without a CEO on board they asked if I would kick-off the meeting. First time a non-executive board member had been invited to speak to the group. There were 120 people representing the 24,000 employees they have. It is a great opportunity to get to meet many in the organization, not just few we typically interact with. I am frequently asked what I miss most about my time as a CEO and one of the top two I always share is being in a room with the leadership of a company who are all focused on a singular goal. My current role calls for little speaking, so it was fun to do. The comments were brief and fortunately we had identified a new CEO who we were able to announce. Quite a rewarding experience.

Mark Haas responded to my urgent request for news for the previous Shipmate column after I had already made my submission, so here it is:

◼︎We’ll see if this is “NOW” enough! Got home from work and saw your email. Some of my material is a bit “dated”—-but better late than never (well, I guess that does not ALWAYS apply……).

Directly below is a photo from our ’76 Tailgate prior to our thrilling victory over Air Force. Although I went to the game with my good buddy, Tim Blue ’79, it was great hooking up with Ann & Lee Freund, Donna & Dave (“DC”) Boch, as well as Phyllis & John (“JB”) Boulden. Saw Len “Smokin'” Mokan there, too, but I think he went to grab a beer & missed this photo op! It was particularly great to see “DC”, having not seen him in some 29 years (at his wedding in CT in ’88). Now that we know he can still find his way to Annapolis, we will expect to see him at future class reunions!

The 2nd photo below shows a reunion after not 29 years———but 49! I had not seen my buddy, William (“Bill”) Geroux, since we “graduated” from the 8th grade at St Louis Catholic School in Alexandria, VA, in ’68. We had basically no contact for 40+ years, then only very minimal since then. But my wife, Phyllis, & I hooked up with Bill and his wife, Kema, last August at Virginia Beach for a brief but great dinner and a walk on the beach. I had him autograph my copy of his 1st book, The Mathews Men, a great account of the Merchant Marines of Mathews County, VA, during WWII (it’s a great read!).

Photo #3 shows (from left to right!), my son Chris, me and Tim Blue already freezing prior to the start of that great (49-7) victory over UVA in the Military Bowl! 24 degrees at kickoff, I think they said it was. Luckily, we also had blankets.

I am also back into running——-not long distances, but getting out consistently. I did the Freeze Your Gizard 5K in Leesburg prior to Thanksgiving and came in 1st in the “Old Geezers” category!

76#1 AirForceTailgate

76#2 HaasGeroux

76#3 NavyVirginiaHaas

We have yet another Classmate who is a novelist: Tim Naville!

◼︎It has been a little hectic here of late, and I wanted to send a few things along before too much more time elapsed. Attached is a picture from the weekend of the Air Force game last year. The ‘76’ers are Louise and Jim Peterson, Terri and Mark Hoekstra, Julie and Tim Naville enjoying dinner at O’Leary’s Seafood Restaurant in Eastport, along with Mimi and Jay Donnelly ’75. Julie and I have both retired now and enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren. I also volunteer as a mentor in Veteran’s Court in two local counties. I am still serving as a Blue and Gold Officer and Area Coordinator for Naval Academy Admissions in Indiana, and I am also on the AC Steering Committee for Admissions. Last fall at one of the football games some of our classmates asked me to let them know when a murder mystery I was writing got published. The title is Mark of the Crow and it is now available on Amazon Books. Several chapters have scenes that take place at USNA. There is a movement afoot to converge the old 23rd Company 76’rs on San Diego this year for the Navy-Notre Dame game. Thus far Tracy and John Kohler, Lea and Mike Kapsch, Valerie and Wayne Rogers, Pam and Jack Coverick, Yanna and Stewart Navarre, Victoria and Kent Higginbotham, and Mary Jean and Doug Steudler have signed on. I run into John Willis periodically. He is busy working in Louisville, Kentucky as Co-Owner & Vice President for Project Management at VITOK Engineers, Inc.

76#4 NavilleO'Leary's

My daughter, Meghan, and her husband, Jared Marinos USMA ’05, made a wonderful announcement recently…that they are expecting twin boys in July! We are all so very excited, especially of the possibility that at least one of those boys may be a future Midshipman (I can only imagine that Jared is showing an expression of disgust as he reads that comment of mine…).

Meghan and Jared Marinos proclaiming that twins are on the way!

Meghan and Jared Marinos proclaiming that twins are on the way!

As many of you know, we lost another Classmate recently. Andy Bushak passed away on February 1, 2018. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife, Mary Ann, and their two children, son Nick and daughter Lecia, as well as Andy’s extended family. Memorial services were conducted on February 6th at St. Josaphat Cathedral in Parma, OH, and military honors were provided by the Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC) Cleveland. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Andy’s memory, by sending checks to the “USNA Foundation”, 25 Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401. Credit card donations may be made by calling the Foundation office at 410-295-4095. Please annotate “in memory of Andy Bushak” on the checks or when you call the office. These donations will go into the Athletic Excellence Sustainment Fund.

76#6 AndyBushakCollage

Sadly, we also lost Guy Wynn (33rd Co.) who passed away suddenly on January 16th in Huntsville, AL. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife, Rebecca Jo, and their children, Nicholas, Sarah, and Patrick, as well as his seven step children: Heather, William, Holly, Rosie, Robert, Joseph, and Maggie Morris; and their three grandchildren.

Guy Wynn

Guy Wynn


On a final note, it is with great sadness to report that we just learned of the passing of Sandra Herring Cregge, wife of Mike Cregge (12th Co.) on February 12, 2018 at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. Our deepest condolences go out to Mike, as well as their children, Michael Cregge Jr. ’02, Heidi, Angelica and Crystal, and their grandchildren Lina, Amaru, Maeve, Maceo and Lanea.

Sandra H. Cregge

Sandra H. Cregge



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