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Shipmate: November/December 2016 15 October 2016

Posted by USNA Class of 1976 in Shipmate.

by Mark Hubbard

WOW! The 40th Reunion weekend was tremendous with a big turnout! It was wonderful seeing you all, especially those that I haven’t seen since graduation some 40 years ago! It was also great to run into Phyllis and Mark Haas during the reunion weekend. Mark dropped me an email to summarize his experience from that weekend:

It was great to see you, Mark, and your bilateral knee scars from your surgeries at our fantastic reunion over the Labor Day weekend. It was even good to see Barb (sans scars!). As well, it was great seeing all of the other 76’ers (so well-attended). My company (Frat 28) had the biggest turnout…and, as a result, each of our 3 tables at the Friday night dinner dance got 2 complimentary bottles of wine! Our turnout even included some of the guys who did not stick around long enough on the Severn to actually toss their caps in the air on June 2, 1976 (such as Tim Kresowik and Rod Ullein). A BIG THANKS to Jim Sloan for his efforts in tracking down a number of our classmates in the months (years?!) leading up to the event. And a BIG THANKS also to John Boulden, for convincing “Sloaner” to make the cross-country trek for our 40th. We also thank “JB” for arranging the Saturday night Frat 28 dinner at the Killarney House and congratulate him on his recent engagement (another Phyllis joining the Frat 28 family!). It was great to catch up with a couple of our “missing” Company 28 mates, Doug Austin & Van Sewell, neither of whom I had seen for probably 35+ years. Doug adjusted his cross-country motorcycle agenda so as to be in Annapolis and attend the reunion (pretty sure this was the 1st reunion that both Doug and Van have made it to!). Quite a bike he has there (has all the bells and whistles and probably cost twice as much as the car I drive!) Prior to leaving the east coast 3 weeks later, Doug visited us in Leesburg——taking us out for a Mexican dinner in exchange for a night in our guest room. I also wanted to mention that it was great seeing a couple of my old baseball teammates that weekend: Mike Golden (whom I probably see at every reunion) and Ron Clipp (now in Albuquerque, NM), whom I had not seen since we graduated. Also, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that we extended our stay in Annapolis a 3rd night in order to go to the Baltimore Harbor on Sunday to take in the great aquarium with Lori & Jim Sloan, with whom we had a great time. As I write this, Navy football is 3-0, but with a very tough road game against the Zoomies in Colorado Springs this afternoon. Go NAVY! Beat AF (& Army)!

Dave Renaud continued with the reunion spirit by completing a 5-day backcountry hike down the Lost Coast of California (Sinkyone Wilderness) later in September with Chris Alberg, Jeff Hoy, and Gary Freeman. The group was greeted with great weather as they hiked through old growth redwood groves scattered along the coast. Dave summed it up by stating, “…a fun way to put an exclamation point on our 40th reunion!”

The Lost Coast Boys of California, Chris Alberg, Jeff Hoy, Gary Freeman & Dave Renaud

The Lost Coast Boys of California, Chris Alberg, Jeff Hoy, Gary Freeman & Dave Renaud

Brad Little writes:

One of the things I knew I would like about the American [i.e. American Athletic Conference (AAC)] was an excuse to go to New Orleans every couple of years or so. Made a weekend of the inaugural visit. In fact, turned into a family reunion! In addition to Brennan’s, Antoine’s, Bayona and Tujagues, and beating Tulane, a great time was had by all. Pictured Right to left, my Mother, Jamie, married a member of the Class of ’51; my Wife, Kathy, stationed with my father-in-law, the Master Chief, at NAVSTA Annapolis when he was a TD3; and, my daughter, dating a Coastie, what can I say! Three generations of Navy fans, and one knucklehead they brought along.


Brad Little poses with three lovely ladies at the Navy-Tulane Tailgater

Brad Little poses with three lovely ladies at the Navy-Tulane Tailgater


Mike Prendergast (5th Co.) is a “newbie” to submitting to Shipmate and he writes:

“Frat Five” met at Fado Irish Pub across the street from the Westin Hotel after
the game on Saturday. Here are the names of our Classmates in the picture from left to Right, Back Row–Bob Butt, John Cabaniss, Paul Johnson, Jim Petersen, Dave DeSilva, and Leroy Sparr. In the front Row from left to right are: Mike Prendergast, Arthur Hanket, and Matt Tobin. Also present but NOT in the picture were Dick Feckler and Diego Mantilla. We are grateful for the wives that also attended. We are especially grateful for all the hard work done by Kevin and Barbara Stone, Mike and Vanessa Seibert, and the entire reunion Committee. We are blessed to have such dedicated Classmates and Spouses that cover all of the bases to have a GRAND REUNION. Thanks for all you do as well!


Frat Five Gathers at the Fado Irish Pub Annapolis

Frat Five Gathers at the Fado Irish Pub Annapolis


Here’s an input from Dave Fleischman:

I had a busy 5 days in mid August and would like to share some pictures with Shipmate. I realize that you have lots of material that needs to go in the vast column so my feelings won’t be hurt if you can’t use my material!

On Sat 13 Aug, my son David graduated from the Platoon Leaders Class Seniors at Quantico. He is now a “Marine Officer awaiting commissioning” – that will happen when he graduates from California Maritime Academy.

Four days later I climbed Mt Whitney, at 14505 ft., the highest point in the continental United States. And then the next day, as a member of the San Diego Chargers’ chain crew, I met Chargers rookie running back Chris Swain ’16. He is an awesome young man!

I still teach high school physics here in San Diego for at least this school year.


Dave Fleishman with son David, on Mt. Whitney, and with Chris Swain

Dave Fleishman with son David, on Mt. Whitney, and with Chris Swain


Jim “Doc” Doherty had a chance airport encounter with Jim Stavridis:

Last Wednesday, September 28th, I was weaving my way through Boston’s Logan Airport, on my way to Denver for the Navy – Air Force game, when I spotted a familiar face at one of the ticket kiosks. It took me a few seconds but when my brain, searching for a clue as to how I know this guy, removed from his hand his carry-on luggage and replaced it with a squash racquet, it became instantly clear to me who he was—it was our old classmate, Jim Stavridis! I shouted out “Jim” and, his brain searching for a clue, too, probably replacing my penny loafers with some running shoes, he shouted back, “Doc”! It had been forty years since we’d seen each other. We quickly discerned that we were on the same flight to Denver and, given the typical frantic rush through security and subsequent madness of the boarding process, we agreed to meet in Denver and catch up there. That plan worked and we spent the better part of an hour sitting at an airport bar mostly doing a lot of laughing and backslapping! Ten minutes into our little get-together, we were joined by my friend, Chris Staszak (the other guy in the picture) who was flying up from Dallas and with whom I had pre-arranged to meet at the Denver airport. Chris was commissioned out of Boston University and did a Division Officer tour with Jerry Willett on the USS Glover. Jerry, who we would meet up with later, Chris and I were heading to the game in Colorado Springs together. Anyway, Jim, Chris and I jabbered away telling our stories and sharing with each other what we’ve been doing for the past forty years. A lot of what Jim’s been up to, as we know, is in the public domain, but, I have to say it was fascinating hearing the nuances surrounding some of his adventures and achievements. For instance, it’s not every day that one of us is vetted to be a Vice Presidential running mate by a candidate running for the office of President of the United States. Hmmm…Jim’s come a long way. I can report that Jim is healthy, happy, handsome as ever in an Errol Flynn-sort-of-way, and very busy! As we were saying our farewells, I went out on a limb and told Jim that we, the Class of ’76, were proud of him, are always behind him, and I urged him to keep up the good fight. It was, truly, great to see him.


Chris Staszak, Jim Stavridis, and Doc Doherty meet at Denver Int’l Airport

Chris Staszak, Jim Stavridis, and Doc Doherty meet at Denver Int’l Airport


I have to end this column with somber news of another Classmate’s passing. Glen Davis (20th Co.) passed away in early September. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Glen – may he rest in peace.



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