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Surgeon To Lead Medical Society (Timothy F. Kresowik ’76) 9 August 2011

Posted by USNA Class of 1976 in News.

28May09 – You never know where life is going to take you. Just ask Dr. Timothy Kresowik, whose career has taken him from the medical school at the University of Michigan to University Hospitals and, most recently, to being elected president-elect of the Iowa Medical Society. Not bad for the vascular surgeon and UI professor of surgery who, as a kid growing up in Detroit, never imagined a career in the medical field. “I would say it was the farthest thing in my mind,” Kresowik said. “I had no medical people in my family. I didn’t even consider medicine until I was in college.”

After graduating from high school, Kresowik went to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., with the intent of being a Navy pilot. While he was there, Kresowik took an interest in medicine, but being a Navy physician would have required a 12-year commitment.Instead of staying in the Navy, Kresowik returned to Michigan and enrolled at the University of Michigan, beginning his 14 years of education there. “It was an excellent educational institution,” Kresowik said. After completing his medical training in 1988, Kresowik went to another Big Ten university to work: the University of Iowa. As a vascular surgeon at University Hospitals, Kresowik operates on people who have hardened arteries, aneurisms or other blood vessel diseases. Although Kresowik has lived in Iowa City for more than 20 years now, he said he has only become a true Hawkeye fan in the last six to seven years. Kresowik said it was difficult to root against his alma mater. “It took me a while,” he said.
Kresowik also has been heavily involved with improving the health care system in the state and nationwide. He was a member of the board of directors for the Iowa Medical Society for six years before being elected to his new post.
Next year, he will assume the presidency.  “It is an opportunity to try to hopefully contribute to the improvement of the delivery of health care in our state and nationally,” Kresowik said. “I’ve always had strong opinions about what needs to be done. “I see it more as an opportunity to contribute to this whole ongoing effort to improve things and create a better health care system for all Iowans and all Americans.” John Sharp, a fellow vascular surgeon at University Hospitals, said Kresowik is very dedicated to his work.
“He’s an excellent collegeague (and) a thoughtful physician,” Sharp said. “(He’s) very passionate about his work and his beliefs and he’s intensely interested in health care policy.” Michael Kitchell, current president of the Iowa Medical Society, credited Kresowik’s commitment to improving the medical field. “He’s very knowledgeable about health care reform,” Kitchell said, noting that Kresowik was one of two physicians who served on a state commission on affordable health care. “He’s been very instrumental in developing quality measures.”
Timothy Kresowik
* Age: 54.
* Occupation: Vascular surgeon and professor of surgery, University Hospitals.
* Hometown: Iowa City.
* Education: Kresowik completed his undergraduate and medical school programs at the University of Michigan.
* Family: Wife, Becky; six adult children, including four sons and two step-daughters.
* Did you know? Kresowik is an avid golfer.



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